N. An abusive penitentiary located within the planet of male cow excrement. Cow excrement dwells in the galaxy of Camel genitalia.
School is a prison on planet bullshit! In the galaxy of this sucks camel dick!
Beküldő: BitterIrony 2015. március 17.
School is one of Satan's creations. Basically a prison filled fuck boys and slutty clowns.
I have to go to school today. Send in your prayers
Beküldő: ShoutoutToAllMyPears 2015. március 12.
A place in Modern Fantasy where nightmares are made.Subjects are boring.But also where dreams are made too like lunch and break and walking home!!!!
I love school,I hate it
Beküldő: jeffis21 2015. március 7.
one of the main causes of suicide, depression, anxiety, losing of the mind, drug/alcohol use, etc.
it is a place where you are taught how to square numbers, not how to pay taxes or bills, not how to maintain and hold a job or career
school is where you are told to just let teachers yell at you, embarrass you, walk all over you, and straight up ruin about 15 years of your life and if you try to defend yourself when being yelled at for an unknown reason, you get punished and yelled at again for trying to be strong against them
it is where they all talk big talk about how to report bullying and stick up for yourself and tell an administrator immediately, but what are we to do when the administrators and teachers are the ones instigating the teasing, causing the pain, causing others to join in…what are we supposed to do when we can't stick up for ourselves without putting our education in jeopardy?
school is the place where they are always talking about how we need to stay healthy stay fit they're the ones that are giving us crap unhealthy things when we try and share good and decent food friends and people who can't even afford me again you are getting punished and yelled at for just trying to help and be a good person

School is the most hypocritical backward ass place we are forced to go through it this is torture
"man I've been stressing over school it's giving me anxiety I don't know how much of this I can take before I break"
"the teacher made fun of my ance today mom. but I was afraid to stand up for myself"
Beküldő: theurbandicktionary 2015. február 24.
the worst possible place to send your kids during school
Mom: how was your day at school?
Kid: What do you think?
Mom: That good. Huh?
Beküldő: M M MMMMMMM 2015. január 29.
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