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Santana as in "Saint-Ana". Sanatana means a saint very holy and clean. Originated in spain;
Carlos Santana, guitar player; Juelz Santana aka. DipsEt, rapper.
Beküldő: Jezebel Santana 2007. december 7.
155 75
a kickass guitarist that combines blues rock and latin music in one
did Santana ever play with Jimi Hendrix?
i wish it, that would've made someone jizz theirself if they ever heard that song
Beküldő: D money 9295 2010. augusztus 19.
117 49
she is is a hidden person. loved by guys and girls. She can easily entrap you by looking into your eyes. what a kind gentle soul. she judges to fast and likewise by others she gets judged. Beautiful and unique and funny and kind spirited. Why can't we have her all to ourself her smile her laugh her kindness? why.....? she is funadorable kind sometimes snooty but we get over that drama because she is worth it, her friendship is worth it!
santana is a darlling stuck in a world with jerks she proves them wrong
Beküldő: thatguywholovedher 2012. november 26.
67 26
Santana is a sporty chick that can hang with the guys but is also cool with the girls. She has super cool crazy hair that no one can top, and a personality that will turn ur frown into a grin.
John: aww my shoulder hurts man

Derek: dude what happened?

John: (wincing) I got tackled by Santana!!
Beküldő: FlirrtttayyyCHICK 2012. szeptember 4.
39 34
The coolest girl you will ever meet. She is real real real hott and she will make your life better. She has a lot of friends ans the boys tend to fall in love with her easy. She has really small boobs and doesnt play any sports because she hates getting sweaty the worst part about her. She loves to make people happy she will make you laugh until you pee on yourself. Sometimes she hoes around but man what girl doesnt. She is drunk a lot with her friends. and she loves to suck cock.
Man everybody needs to meet a santana !
Beküldő: Sexy Jonathann mann ! 2010. november 23.
86 88
A code for "thats what she said" so that adults don't figure out your being perverted

Teacher- I doubled wrapped this so it doesn't get hard
Kazhe- SANTANA!!!
Isaac, Aaron, Jared- AHAHAHAHAAHAH
Teacher- What's so funny? I was talking about my bread that I packed for lunch

Example 2.
Mommy-Daniel why are you making this so hard???
Kazhe- O yaaaaaaaaaaa
Beküldő: Kazhe 2008. december 18.
62 103
A stupid Mexican that continuously mooches off his parents. This person gets mad if his friends don't party on Tues nights when he (the Santana) won't even party on the weekend.
God damn it! That damn Santana keeps calling me on Tues afternoon.
Beküldő: Pete Snelling 2007. augusztus 30.
53 312