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Smiled a little, then stopped.
Wendy salts at the inside joke her mother told her.
Beküldő: Gordos 2012. december 9.
17 7
S.A.L.T.-usually used as a noun but sometimes an adjective-Sexy Adult Lady There. This phrase usually followed by a number to tell everyone what direction the woman is in. The number is the time on a clock which is used to give direction to the person or persons you are alerting.
Me-"S.A.L.T. 6"
Chad-"Oh damn that lady behind me is wicked hot"

Chad-"There must be some S.A.L.T. in the water"
Peter-"Yeah man all the girls here are smokin'."
Beküldő: Mr. Badoian 2010. június 6.
12 4
n.: A sailor, one who is currently employed in the U.S. Navy.
adj.: Pertaining to sailor-style.
n.: That salt has seen too many ports.
adj.: He loves the salt life.
Beküldő: MamaBurd 2012. február 11.
19 12
Derivative from the act of "throwing salt" on one's game, any case in which one might deprecate another and embarrasingly so.
"Quit throwing S-A-L-T all over my G-A-M-E!"
Beküldő: Ryan 2005. március 3.
77 70
The Acronym for Sex At Lunch Time.
Did you have any S.A.L.T today?
Beküldő: encrusted_with_glitter1 2010. február 2.
7 1
Smile A Little Then Stop

An alternative to 'LOL' unless you are Laughing Out Loud
"tells a joke"
Beküldő: Alison Poon 2011. december 15.
12 7
A synonym for the term 'You just got owned!'
Josh- Well Averie, you are just a big lying skank with no friends and I just wanted to let you that the guy you cheated on me with has herpes.

Everybody in hearing range- OOOOOOOOH SALT
Beküldő: ToniTheTiger 2011. május 13.
10 8