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the capital city of the awkwardly cool state of utah mromons abound here the city has a great university with a rocking party/local music scene. Also as the third highest gays per capita of any capital
dude i totally saw a show in salt lake city last night
#music #capital #state #destination #awesome
Beküldő: thatfuckinggaykid 2009. október 18.
A wonderful city in the beautiful state of Utah; known for the abundance in Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints members. Also known for the teenagers that ride fixed gear road bikes (fixie kids). Amazing and majestic mountains and THE GREATEST SNOW ON EARTH!!! Known very well for the amazing ski resorts.
A fantastic place to live!!!
Person1: Where should I move to?
Person2: Salt Lake City, Utah man! It's soo awesome there! It's a really freindly and beautiful place to live!
#beautiful #majestic #amazing #snowy #plain awsome
Beküldő: the green teen 2010. január 10.
Rhyming slang for titties!
Have a look at those salt lake Cities!

Geez those salt lakes are huge!
#titties #salt #tits #boobs #knockers
Beküldő: B-Rod Jones 2008. december 5.
a city with lots of Mormons and gangsters and it seems like whoever I meet from here is on drugs.
word son, representin salt lake city to the fullest!
#salt lake city #mormons #gangsters #drug addicts #utah
Beküldő: BiO... 2009. március 16.
another definition for salty. to be upset or let down by something.
Person 1: I have to go to work for 12 hours tonight.

Person 2: Salt Lake City
#salty #salt #saldy #upset #pissed off #let down
Beküldő: flyawaysms 2011. január 7.
Salt lake city is a huge city that is full of weird rude people. Alot of bums and bad roads. A place where the streets dont have names but instead go by numbers followed by north south east west. It takes forever to get from one place to the next..The night life there sucks ass. Utah sucks
I f-ing hate salt lake city people
#slc #salt lake city #utah #gay #mormons
Beküldő: Spags005 2008. április 11.
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