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A caustic euphemism for the more commonly known whigger. Said to be congoid-like yet coated with a white layering. A common battle cry might be: "All causes not my own". A clear illustration of their disinterest in bearing forth sustainable culture.
Todd is such a salt-nigger. Does he really think we care about Tupac.
Beküldő: Rod Handler 2003. december 9.
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A pejorative referring to Mormons. Much as Seminole Indians were derogatorily called "swamp niggers," and Middle Easterners are derogatorily called "sand niggers," the term "salt nigger" combines the abusive term "nigger" to "salt," since Salt Lake City is a cultural and religious center for Mormons.
Speaker 1: "When that Mormon isn't bashing gays or pushing his book door-to-door, he's keeping his three wives down."

Speaker 2: "Yeah, he's a salt nigger alright."
Beküldő: jschurnmeister 2009. április 13.
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