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To get rimmed whilst recieving a hearty reach round, thus resembling a trombone player in full chorus.
Phoebe's rendition on my rusty trombone last night, was so moving, it bought a tear to my eye.
Beküldő: Andy Rush 2003. január 20.
13211 5207
The act of performing anal cunnilingus while reaching up above the testicles to manually administer quick up and down motions to the penile shaft; resulting in a violent yet pleasant explosion. It is then customary for the female to then give a quick blow into the anus for good luck, the lips blowing into the anus sounds very similar to a trombones sweet melody. This was introduced to the Americas in the late 50's.
While receiving a rusty trombone I lost control of my bowels.
Beküldő: JAZ 2004. október 14.
8360 3868
Having a girl lick your asshole while giving you a hand job.
"The orchestra of fucking sounded much better with that Rusty Trombone."
Beküldő: Ryan 2004. május 24.
6216 2884
the act of a woman (or man) eating out the asshole of a man while reaching under his crotch and administering a handjob. (slang: rusty trom)
Man, Ashley gave me a rusty trom last night. It was awesome.
Beküldő: Bryan asadsfadasfa 2003. december 2.
1652 960
A simultaneous rim-job/ hand-job.
got a great rusty trombone yesterday
Beküldő: Mikus 2003. február 6.
2188 1647
When someone is tonguing your balloon knot while giving you the good ole reach-around.
I received my first rusty trombone in Maastricht.
Beküldő: NYPD 2004. február 9.
2328 1807
when a girl is jacking you off and licking your browneye at the same time
waaa waaaa waaaaaaa
Beküldő: comal6669 2003. október 19.
1248 745