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the good old arse hole
i need to drop the kids off through the rusty bullet hole
Beküldő: slim 2004. június 11.
70 36
the sphincter or anus
I did her up the "Rusty Bullet Hole"
Beküldő: Nicky G 2003. szeptember 9.
57 25
Another means of describing the 'brown star'. Taken from the anus' likeness to the aforementioned rusty bullethole.
She liked it in the rusty bullethole
Beküldő: Al Bundy 2003. augusztus 28.
34 17
what you say in Garrys mod to get an achievement
Me: 'rusty bullet hole' (say the secret phrase unlocked)
Beküldő: Natarama 2011. január 14.
27 15
Jesus, my rusty itches something rotten!
Beküldő: Pope John-Paul II 2002. október 10.
32 20
The oraphus that a human defecates out of. Also known as an anus.
Dude, I totally fucked her rusty bullet hole!
Beküldő: upstream4sho 2012. január 9.
5 5