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a european term used to describe the actual shots of seamen a guy unloads (usually 5 or more ropes are done in 1 orgasm). Girls can have ropes aswell.
Beküldő: An0n 2003. február 8.
a long stream of cum
right after i pulled out of gail's hot pussy, i shot out several long ropes of cum that went from her forehead all the way down to her blond mound.
Beküldő: whodey 2004. június 13.
bomb bud, chronic, cali o
damn that bud l dog got was rope
Beküldő: Scott 2003. március 29.
When a guy shoots a huge load of jizz onto a girl so that the entire ejaculate is in one contiguous string of jizz resembling a rope.
I was so pent up that when I finally came, I shot ropes all over her face.
Beküldő: Jenny the Coder 2011. május 6.
when you are in trouble
that guy is on the ropes

Oh ropes i forgot to feed my cat
Beküldő: aliassaila 2009. június 19.
Real organized postgame extra shit
Yo, you about to go to that party after the banquet?
Nah bro I'm about to skip that ropes.
Beküldő: old chinese mouse 2013. december 9.
really dope, sick, cool
Person 1:That's a sick new car.
Person 2:Yeah, it's rope.
Beküldő: Hit and Run 22 2010. november 29.