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In America it means cheering, in Australia it means fucking.
Jim Courier, the American tennis player, was commenting on a match for Australian television. A female player was close to victory on court, while the players for the next match wanted her to close out the match so they could get on court. Courier, "There's two guys in the locker room rooting loudly for her."
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Beküldő: joseph diggler 2006. július 12.
Slang For Fucking
The couple were rooting all night long.

Beküldő: Jellyphant 2003. július 25.
Slang for supporting or cheering something on.
I was rooting for Kerry.
Beküldő: Zarks 2004. november 3.
Obtaining SU-Access on a Linuxbased device where you are not suppose to get it.
T-Mobile G1 as the probably most rooted phone. The rooting process is relative simple and safe. Google for xda developers dream development.
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Beküldő: bassbox 2009. május 20.
The process of allowing root access on a phone and/or other device. The term "rooting" is most often associated with Android devices. It's often thought of as the Android equivalent of iOS Jailbreaking.

Rooting began when the HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1 in the US) was released, and people complained that the developer's version (called Android Dev Phone 1) had more features and more power than what was released to the general public. The first root just included simple tweaks and a few features that weren't available on phones running stock Android. However, as time progressed rooting evolved from simple tweaking of features to giving the Android experience a whole new look and feel.

The process of rooting was originally something that was complex and only those with a knack for technology should do, however the process, much like jailbreaking was simplified to the point where you can obtain root access with just the click of a button. Unlike jailbreaking however, there is no unsigned app store, like Cydia for iOS.

Instead, a program called "Superuser" is the main signal that your device is rooted. What this program does is that it allows certain applications to gain root access to do things like create wireless hotspots, view your device's files, or other functions that can otherwise only be done by Android support staff.
Isaac: I have a jailbroken iPhone 4. Look, Installous!

Andy: So? I have a rooted HTC Glacier. I'm running CyanogenMod 6.1.2 and I also have WiFi tethering, a ROM manager, and Overclock.

Isaac: I fucking hate you right now.

Andy: I know, rooting is so awesome, isn't it?
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Beküldő: teh5abiking 2011. február 25.
when you rub your nose against someones arm in hopes of finding mishrooms
girl: what are you doing???
guy: rooting you!!!
girl: ooookaaay...
#mushrooms #root #rooting #rub #your #nose
Beküldő: alexa de large 2007. június 10.
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