Rolling On Floor Laughing Cant Open Penis To Erect Right
Omg Kira you're hilarious! Roflcopter!
Beküldő: DraeBoo 2009. október 24.
The best damn airplane. Ever.
roflcopter is so awesome. FUCKING A!
Beküldő: glacierwolf 2009. július 17.
when bored, people lik to type
roflcopter instead of just rofl
Person 1: dude that guy just fell into the lake
Person 2: roflcopter!!!
Person 1: uhhh...
Beküldő: cycycycycy 2009. március 26.
A feared helicopter that flies around looking for unsuspecting victims. If you are shot by a ROFLCOPTER, you will forever be turned into a blubbering idiot that does nothing but roll on the ground and laugh.

(Search "ROFLCOPTER: The Movie" in search engine)
Tom got shot by a ROFLCOPTER and now all he does is ROFL all day long, just like the kid in "ROFLCOPTER: The Movie"!
Beküldő: Melissa Jordan 2008. április 16.
When you are laughing so hard, that you start to spin in your chair.
Dude, that was so funny, I took a ride in a roflcopter!
Beküldő: PhoenixFire 2007. szeptember 11.
laughing as hard as you possibly can, in word form
you're gay? roflcopter!!
Beküldő: Steven Mansfield 2007. június 23.
Rolling On The Floor Laughing Cos Of Ptolemy's Trademark Eventful Ramblings
Ptolemy: sometimes I let her whip that to far?
Me: No hahahah ROFLCOPTER!
Beküldő: NETMAARDK 2010. április 18.

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