Nobody cares if some place is like 5 seconds north of the city, all Long islanders hear is "north" and think "oh you live in the country"
Check out Brooklynguy's entries if you hate LOng island, he says LI is Upstate!! (iw ould agree)
Beküldő: 123456 2004. november 24.
A suburb of nyc next to westchester
with ghetto spring valley
wheres the party at spring valley oh no we might get car jacked

damn those kids at ramapo and spring valley high are just dumb ghetto kids
Beküldő: O.G 2005. március 26.
A town just south of Boston where in the late 60s early 70s
was the greatest place on earth to be.Shootings,killings,drugs u name it.Was once so bad was under marshall law for 2 years with a curfew.Some of the tuffest people ive ever known.The groves,the pits,J-Mart
parties that always made the news.Now its just a punk town nothing like it used to be.The cops actually arent affraid to come out anymore.The Grill(Made the roadhouse look like pussies).China Plaza.The Red Fox.Anyone whoever fckd w/a rockland person wished they didnt.Hottest sluts anywhere
Rockland was a totaled community
Beküldő: Scitzoiddd 2007. június 1.
rockland county is only about 35 minuets away from the city. north rockland is where i live. north rocland high is pretty big. it has a mix of all different kids from the gangsters of haverstraw to the preps in stoney point and all the kids in the middle from pomona to garniville. theres freaks and geeks and jocks and ghetto gangsters. sports are a big part of north rockland. i dont know about nyack and spring valley because we always seem to win. north rockland is pretty boring all there is to do is chill with your friends and if you dont have any tough shit. half the school is probably stoned every day but who cares. the girls are hot too and thats pretty much all that matters. NOR ROC. theres mad cool kids hate them or love them you gotta live with them.
rockland is a chill spot.
Beküldő: jerkk 2005. november 21.
A town about 20 miles south of Boston, MA. Used to have a ton of shoe factories but now we're left with a ton of old abandoned ones that make Rockland look ugly. To Duxbury we're pretty much the rug they wipe their muddy shoes on.
Rockland is south of Boston, and the roads are a pain in the ass because they need to be paved.
Beküldő: Person from Rockland 2004. november 30.
Rockland is just a boring place 30 minutes from Nyc depending on where in the county you live. Yes there is the palisades mall that could be boring sometimes this is just a county with alot of rich people except for some parts of nyack,haverstraw,and spring valley. Never move to rockland county. Move to New York city or Westchester or new jersey but not to rockland
You got any hot nightclubs in Rockland?
What the Fuck is a Nightclub.

What do you do on a saturday night here in Rockland?
Read a book and listen to some classical on volume level 1.
Beküldő: thadking 2008. február 11.
not so bad. has the great palisades mall. but not much else. close to westchester and NYC.
palisades mall, smallish towns
Beküldő: me 2004. március 23.

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