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1) adj.- sick, awesome
2) v.- to wear(usually in a goofy way)
1) Hey, this party is rockin!
2) I was thinkin bout rockin the aviators and my red pants.
Beküldő: DoctoRJ 2004. december 15.
135 42
Slang for wearing or using.
Dude's rockin' wranglers!

I been rockin' the Internet since day one, check your self foo!
Beküldő: miltownkid 2004. november 1.
71 23
1-adj. awesome, sweet
2-adj. sexy, hot, bangin
3-v. to wear
4-v. to pull off something
1-Dude that party was rockin!!
2-dayuum that boy has a rockin bod!
3-for the party ill b rockin my hott little strapless dress
4-dayuum i thought that dress was ugly as hell, but look @ her rockin that thang!
Beküldő: sexylittlemissthang 2005. június 9.
74 32
adj. Something that's really cool.
intj. "That's really cool!"
The Urban Dictionary is rockin'!

You just added another definition to the Urban Dictionary? Rockin'!
Beküldő: The Grammar Nazi 2001. október 31.
50 16
To do something in a way you like, or that you approve of
"That girl is really rockin that mullet"
Beküldő: Mollie 2005. január 29.
45 23
Wearing something proudly and/or looking good wearing something.
He's really rockin' that new hat of his!
He's really rockin' that new haircut.
Beküldő: angellife21 2010. március 12.
27 6
something thats hittin, on point, good
That juice was rockin
Beküldő: Cece 2004. november 29.
28 25