During the cowboy era, riders were bandits who rode on horses and who had little or no consideration for the general law.
He's a straight rider, you don't want to mess with him.
Beküldő: seosoft 2007. április 12.
a loser in mrs.wilsons 2nd period
Rider is A loser
Beküldő: Dominique emel 2008. október 24.
Someone who acts in an uncool, sometimes homosexual manner
"What an absolute rider"

"Look at those blue sunglasses, he looks like a rider!"
Beküldő: Cherubadub 2009. május 1.
An alcoholic beverage that is consumed in a vehicle while driving.
Then cop dumped out my rider!
Beküldő: SloppyJoe138 2004. június 17.
a person who will agree with whatever you say
Yo, Jay is a rider. He stay wanting to be me.
Beküldő: Yazee 2004. április 12.
A flat out hoe.
Look at that prostitute and her rider boy friend!
Beküldő: God 2003. március 10.
A very strong athletic person. Who is very hot and sexy and is very funny. Riders are not very common and hard to find. When you meet one, you will surly be his friend or more if you now what I mean. Usually riders have best friend,that name starts with a C. He also usually has a girlfriend or likes girls with a name that starts with an A
Wow rider your so funny and hot
Beküldő: _love.amanda 2015. szeptember 15.

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