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Another word for when a female is having her period.
friend 1: ooh your girl is hot, are you going to hit that tonight?
friend 2: naa, probably not, she's red.
Beküldő: pj 2004. december 29.
1.Short for Panama Red, a highly potent type of marijuana from Panama with a redish tint.
Two hits of the red and I was higher than the sky
Beküldő: mxru 2005. június 21.
Stating the obvious. (Throwin' the red)
Yo Cap'n Obvious, way to throw the red!
Beküldő: Andrew 2003. február 23.
When a facebook notification, message or friend request appears on your page in the top left hand side of your page. Appearing to be red in color accompanied by a number.
Kate: I can't wait to get home to check my facey!

Rak: did you get any reds?

Kate: no, no one loves me.
Beküldő: george831 2011. augusztus 2.
skin color commonly associated and used when speaking about native americans
damn look at these red people
Beküldő: weathrguy 2010. december 26.
Another way to say a girl is on her period.
Omg i cant believe she is on her red!
Beküldő: allahhh 2009. augusztus 9.
Weed (usually red hair weed) that has been picked apart n ready to be rolled up n smoked

Its alot cheaper because there's no nuggs and its still pretty potent herb
"yo man i'm gunna go buy a dimebag"
"nah,just give me the ten dollars and I can get you twice the amount of reds"
"yeah boy"
Beküldő: ironsidee 2008. június 26.