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A rapper out of Houston, Texas. His 2008 release "Wicked City Don" and 2009 release "Heart of the Hood" gained him popularity in the southwestern market. Real is currently with Blue Tape Records.
The new Real cd is off the hook.
Beküldő: TheTruth3000 2009. november 24.
16 20
Describing super extreme weather conditions.
You better grab a hat and coat, its getting way real out there!!
Beküldő: wallyTour 2009. október 20.
11 15
The truth. Another example of this word is "word".
They just broke up.
Beküldő: Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant 2003. május 1.
24 28
Sebring FLorida
skiing, tanning, beach, real
Beküldő: water is my life 2012. április 26.
1 6
Someone who stands up for them selves. Someone who isn't scared to say "fuck you" to everyone. Is a good friend oh and she's pretty.
Taylor White is real.
Beküldő: whattwhatt123 2011. február 22.
0 5
poses complete and/or utter disbelief

Synonym: are you kidding me

-is usually repeated a few times to show the disbelief of said person
Julia: Yo man, Denise had sex on her rag and tossed some guys salad last night

Amber: omg...real?!?!
Beküldő: xenu! 2008. május 21.
9 14
Exclamation used to express an acknowledgment of how things in life turn out, not always as one would have expected. Similar to the term "unbelievable," or "unreal" but different because it implies acceptance of the circumstances.
"Oh man, I was only parked there for 2 minutes and I got a $30 ticket!!"

Beküldő: Little Ladybug 2008. március 26.
2 7