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Irish slang word for a womans "Flaps"
Hey baby, I am going to wear your rashers as a hat.
Beküldő: H@vOk 2005. március 7.
38 14
Mountjoy Women's Prison, Dublin - the Rasherhouse
I went to visit the mott in the Rasherhouse.
Beküldő: europhile 2006. július 4.
24 10
Skid marks in the underwear, caused by a humid fart or not wiping correctly.
Check out the rasher in Ana's scivvies!
Beküldő: gasbag69 2009. augusztus 11.
5 1
Whiping someone on the cheack of the buttocks with the back of your index and and middle fingers in order to humilliate asnd sting your victim.
"I caught that cunt a bleedin luvly rasher so I did, ye no wi meen Joner. He was fuckin shamers so he was.
Beküldő: tomo's young lad 2009. január 15.
6 2
A crotch rocket racer.
The cops chased some rashers through town today.
Beküldő: Gumba Gumba 2004. február 24.
5 10