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a wet drop that falls from the sky. when there are alot of them it means its raining. (if you see big flashes of light or hear loud "booming" noises do not br frightened, this is normal.)
Holy crap a raindrop just landed on my head and i thought it was pigeon poo.
Beküldő: Jenla 2004. február 4.
A maneuver made by a male (or female) in which while going down on a girl, once near the vagina, smells an adverse odor so bad that the individual who was originally going to eat pussy makes a sweeping motion back up the torso, thus completing the outline of a raindrop.
As John made his way towards Susan's pussy he smelt a terrible odor and raindropped his way back up to her breasts.
#pussy #eat out #fun #nasty #fish
Beküldő: Richard Scism 2009. március 31.
U.S. $1 bills. This most valuable form of precipitation falls whenever a dirty pervert makes it rain in the club.
Aye barman change me up for a stack of raindrops. It's about to pour on this ho!
#make it rain #strip club #money #club #cheddar #strippers #stacks #ballin #baller #make it hail #make it snow
Beküldő: patio-d 2014. augusztus 27.
the pee on the toilet rim that missed the bowl and the pee forms together in the form of raindrops
there was raindrops all over the toilet rim after he went to the bathroom
#pee #ranedrops #reigndrops #mudpuddle #poop
Beküldő: anita b. frend 2010. május 17.
One whom is always sad ,depressed & hates the world. They like gloomy weather and are usually very anti-social .

To have a chance to view these types of people you can most of the time observe them hiding corners but keep caution when approaching they fear sunlight and people and may have the urge to attack you with a knife.
Why is he in such a raindrop mood today?
#raindrop #sad #knife #gloomy #hiding
Beküldő: bebe.bane 2009. december 12.
a very large fat cat that eats way too much and is way too furry.
that is such a raindrop.
#rain #drop #water #monkey #cat
Beküldő: joe bertrand 2009. január 17.
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