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A condom, derived from "keeping out the rain" or "keepin my dick dry out of the rain"
Yo bitch that ho sure is dirty, remember your raincoat!
Beküldő: DIM 2003. január 24.
another way to say a condom
"If you're wearing a raincoat get wet motherfucker GET WET!"
"Wearing a condom is like taking a shower in a raincoat"
Beküldő: OGJizzy 2008. február 1.
term that means keep your dick dry! get out dat wetness nigga!
"Hey Jim, its raining outside dont forget your raincoat."
Beküldő: lizzielove 2013. május 21.
also known as tampon
that rain coat saved her from a wet sitiuation.

the rain coat prevented the crimson tide from drowning her guests.
Beküldő: baby seal clubber 2007. március 19.
A sly way of referring to the foreskin on a non circumsized male
"CS # 2, how come all the men we love have raincoats?
Beküldő: Kat 2003. szeptember 26.
when a guy cums all over a girl
He raincoated on me last night up the butt
Beküldő: Jessica 2005. március 16.
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