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A combination of the words "rad" and "spectacular".
Lesbian mud wrestling is radtacular.
Beküldő: $$$ 2004. február 21.
26 4
A large amount of awesomeness.
Man, that shooting star was RADTACULAR!.
Beküldő: Scott M Cook 2008. május 11.
5 1
Slang term.
Used to completment or express the coolness of a situation, object or person.
Dude, that 360 was radtacular.
Beküldő: Andrew Christie 2007. január 23.
0 0
adjective:describing something as spectacularly radical
Yo man, Blood Quest's show was radtacular.
Beküldő: Dr. Thrashenstein 2006. május 31.
3 3
An adjective, to describe an object or event that is both Radical, and indeed spectacular. Such things would include firework-powered skateboards and Puppies with jetpacks.
Hey,Joe,did you see that race crash on TV yesterday?" "Sure did, Bob, it was totally radtacular!
Beküldő: Jace Lightning 2011. január 8.
2 3