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A dumb bitch.
Billy: Who's that dumb bitch?

Janet: Oh, you mean that crazy skank on the boob tube that's slathering herself in E.V.O.O. and acting like a imbecile?

Billy: Yeah.

Janet: That's Rachael Ray.

Billy: Oh.
Beküldő: Pissant Fuckwad 2010. április 23.
Food Network's leading cock tease.
Rachael Ray is such a fucking cock tease.
Beküldő: Whitneym 2006. szeptember 23.
Famous cook on The Food Network who is one of the prettiest and skinniest cooks on the network.
"That Rachel Ray chick is getting fat!"

"Rachael Ray makes some devine meals bitch! You would be fat too if you could cook like that!"
Beküldő: Deftones Est1988 2006. december 15.