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The ship name for Quinn and Jeff from the TV show Glee
Hey do you ship Quiff?
Beküldő: emma starshine 2011. február 21.
32 37
A person who sniffs a woman's bicycle seat; typically the person becomes aroused.
oh, he's got it bad, he just quiffed her seat!
Beküldő: pony graph 2009. november 12.
40 46
Another word for F**k

To be ticked off
"I quiffing don't like this dude"
Beküldő: Dudeboyguy 2011. augusztus 19.
19 33
Taught to me by my Nova Scotia in-laws, a quiff is a Canadian cunt. NOT to be confused with quief which is a pussy fart.
OMG she is SUCH a fucking QUIFF!!!!!!!!!
Beküldő: fran429 2006. június 29.
199 215
Air admitting from the vagina mixed with bodily fluid making a farting sound..otherwise known as the pussy fart.
Was that a fart or did you just quiff?
Beküldő: eastereggalex18 2009. június 15.
20 38
comming from the word Quief, a fart comming from a mangina that leeks out poop.
i quiffed in my pants because i had to shit really badly
Beküldő: maddowg1356 2009. október 19.
3 22
Revamped version of 70s style coiffure haircut involving at least two rat tails.
If your hairstylist recommends a quiff, kill him.
Beküldő: Wifey McBeatey 2007. május 16.
3 22