1.In a hurry, the combination of " hold on real quick" and "hold up real fast"

2. used to describe something really quick
"Ey, hold up quickfast!"

"lemme see your phone quickfast"
Beküldő: Anthony Ferrer 2008. augusztus 10.
Top Definition
really fast or rapidly
When the dog broke loose B ran quick fast to avoid from getting bit.
Beküldő: Neq 2005. június 3.
Extremely quickly; with fast speed.
I'm going to make a sandwich quickfast.
Beküldő: CoshSA 2005. május 29.
your not being fast or quick your being quick fast faster than fast slower than quick
imma be quick fast you want even know i left
Beküldő: matthew acosta 2007. december 31.
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