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FInger used for Fingerin' a Girl.

Originated Early 70's. Used by John Travolta in the Movie,
"Saturday Night Fever" - Late 70's.
"You guys, you almost broke my Pussy Finger!"
Beküldő: TRUEDAT50CENT 2005. március 18.
63 9
What a girl gets after masturbating or a guy gets after fingerfucking. Starts off moist and then it gets...not nice.
Mom - make sure u wash your hands after fingerfucking so you don't get pussyfingers.

Boy - Ok thanx mom...
Beküldő: jamalitamali 2005. május 8.
26 12
When ones fingers become sticky and smell like the inside on a pussy.
"Oh damn, now i have pussy fingers"
"Whats that smell?" said Bob "Oh, thats pussy fingers" said adam.
Beküldő: Adam7789 2005. november 20.
33 37
after a hard night of ********.
me* i got pussy fingers!
girlskater* ewwwwwwww! dn't wipe dem on me!
**SEXY ASS BITCH* intentionally wipes them on girlskater*
Beküldő: *sexy ass bitch* 2004. április 12.
15 29