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To engage in sexual intercourse. This phrase is derived from the wooly texture of public hair.
I wanted to pull wool, but my girlfriend wants to save herself for marriage.
Beküldő: vwallac 2006. szeptember 29.
43 17
It is when you pullwool. Like pulling ass, but you really want to pull the front wool.
Getting ass, the wool patch by the pussy. I love to pullwool!!!!
Beküldő: ma b 2007. november 18.
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the act/art of kicking your game to a honey to get her to show you her gash. in this case wool is synonymous with gash.
Yo, Steve is pulling more wool than a sheep farmer.

Pull any wool last night? Nah, there was hellagash up in there, but mad buttafaces so I went home to get one.
Beküldő: buzz 2003. augusztus 12.
23 29