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a desert given to kids who eat their meat
eat your meat! how can you have any pudding if you dont eat your meat?!
Beküldő: JameZZ 2004. május 7.
566 149
A flaverd gelatinous substance used to pacify children and leprechauns.
Oh, no! Get the pudding,here comes a gang of Leprechauns and children.
Beküldő: Cheesehead 2003. október 23.
282 129
The best darn food in the world. It is basically flavoured sauce.
Adrian says, "I like pudding."
Beküldő: Daniel Loke 2003. október 14.
211 91
1.Thick, sweet, creamy, delicious sauce.It is usually chocolate flavored.

2.Slang for cum
1. That pudding was delicious.

2. That pudding was delicious.
Beküldő: Cartmansp 2004. május 24.
171 107
A nickname you give a slut because everyone gets a taste.
My cousin is a whore...I think I'll name her Pudding.
Beküldő: thecousinofadirtyskank 2011. július 18.
98 42
Bill Cosby's favorite food in the whole world.
"See you next time eatin' the pudding."
Beküldő: DaChazman 2005. május 4.
114 67
An aphrodisiac recommended and used by Bill Cosby.
Bill's having a hard time getting it up. Get him some pudding!
Beküldő: jshade 2007. június 26.
72 42