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R.I.P. Proof, friend of Mr Mathers, rapper in D-12, was shot and died in the early hours of Tuesday morning on April 11th 2006. May he rest in peace.
Proof will be greatly missed. Loved and respected by many, the loss of this fine rapper is a loss to us all.
Beküldő: marshall313mathers 2006. április 12.
to consider someone as a person you would date if they asked you out; to be interested in dating a person without obssesing over them
"There are a couple people I'm proofing right now, but mostly Julia"

-Do you like him?
-No, thats pathetic. I'm not obsessing over him I'm just proofing him.
Beküldő: JuliaMakesDefinitions! 2009. október 19.
(noun) The strength/concentration of an alcoholic beverage. You can calculate proof by multiplying the "alcohol by volume" content by two.
A tequila of 160 proof would be 80 percent alcohol per volume which is pretty deadly. A lager of ten proof which might have only five percent of alcohol per volume; safe to gulp. You're getting it now!
Beküldő: Smkngmgc 2004. december 30.
one of the best rappers alive, 1/6 of D12, also known as Big Proof, Derty Harry and Oil Can Harry
Ja In A Bra is one of the best diss tracks ever
Beküldő: D12 Tical 2004. február 29.
another slain rapper of the rap game and another slain rapper of d12 he was and always be one of the greatest to ever grace the rap game and will be missed R.I.P Big Proof AkA Dirty Harry The Rap Mayor OF Detroit.
out of towner: whoz the rap mayor of detroit
Detroit: PROOF!
Beküldő: kon Arti$ 2006. április 16.
Rapper Proof, Deshaun Hotlon, for D12 killed 4:3-am on this day of 4/11/06 at the Triple C club in Detroit.

Born: October 2nd, 1975
Murdered: 4:30 - 5am on 4/11/06

RIP Proof, your memory lives on...

Acticle from "Rolling Stone Magazine"

D12 rapper and longtime friend of Eminem, Proof, was shot and killed this morning at a Detroit club called 3C, located on the city's famed Eight Mile. Proof, born Deshaun Holton, was announced dead on arrival at Conner Creek Medical Center just after 5 a.m. He was thirty-two years old.

Police were called to the scene in early this morning after reports of gunfire and fighting at the venue, which was operating illegally after-hours. Another unidentified, thirty-five-year-old man was also shot, and is listed in critical condition. An investigation into the incident is underway.

Proof was among the most revered MCs in Detroit and befriended fellow Motor City rapper Eminem before joining Em's rap troupe D12. Proof went on to make a brief appearance in Em's hit biopic, 8 Mile, and was ever-present in the courtroom in 2001, when Eminem was battling gun charges. Proof also served as the best man at the superstar rapper's wedding to his on-and-off love Kim Mathers last January.

"Me and Eminem have wonderful chemistry, and we have wonderful songs," the rapper told Rolling Stone last summer while on the all-star hip-hop Anger Management 3 tour.

This is the second shooting involving a member of Eminem's entourage in three months: Rapper Obie Trice was shot and injured on New Year's Eve while driving on Detroit's Lodge Freeway.

Early last year, Eminem released a video for "Like Toy Soldiers," off his last studio album, 2004's Encore, that slammed violence in the hip-hop community. In the clip, Proof is shot, and Eminem sits in the hospital waiting room as doctors try to revive his friend.

Proof released his solo debut, Searching for Jerry Garcia, last summer on his independent label Iron Fist Records. "It's a long time coming," he said. "I'm very nervous because of the perception of the group we run with -- there's a lot of pressure."

Memorial service arrangements for Proof are still being made.

- end of article

"Proof is an excellent freestyler. He won the Source Magazine Freestyling Competition back in 1999.He has appeared in several EPs and albums. Proof was also part of a Detroit rap group, '5 Ela'." -
Proof was shot and killed after shooting a bouncer at "Triple C" nightclub in Detroit, Mi
Beküldő: Robb4248 2006. április 12.
DeShaun Holton - better known as Proof - started out in Detroit's Hip Hop Shop, organizing freestyle tournaments. He later became a member of D12. He was a close friend of Eminem's, and also his hypeman. He is survived by his wife Sharonda, sons DeShaun Rice and Elija Abel, and daughter Katieva Walker.
R.I.P Proof
October 2, 1975 – April 11, 2006
Beküldő: joojimaphone 2006. április 13.
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