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a combination of pretty and beautiful
Beküldő: Mark 2003. július 13.
a word greatly used in my case for describing someone who is soo pretty.
It beats all the other words like `beautiful`
`co0o0o0ute` `cute`
"you are so prettiful"
Beküldő: halo from a pixie<3 2005. április 4.
The act of making one's already naturally beautiful self presentable in the morning or to go out.
Go get yourself prettiful so we can go shopping.
Beküldő: Stella 2004. február 3.
Adj:the characteristic or combination of being pretty and beautiful rolled into one word.
That picture of you is just so prettiful
#pretty #beautiful #lovely #attractive #comely
Beküldő: Krazy Glue 2009. március 31.
A pretty and beautiful girl. This person is especially smart and super lowkeey nerdd status. Currentlyy has STRAIT A's or C's -____-. Cool personn to the maxxx!
Emily is very prettiful. She goes to CHS! And is super smart.
#emily #cool #cute #pretty #smart #nerd
Beküldő: HOTSOME! 2009. október 20.
Someone/Something who is pretty but not quite beautiful but very nearly
Look that flower is prettiful
#beautiful #pretty #gorgeous #stunning #prettyful
Beküldő: Jazmine C. L. 2009. augusztus 18.
Understood to be more beautiful than plain "pretty," but not gorgeous enough to gain the "beautiful" title. Cutsy way of saying "kinda hott."

Also can be used in describing objects, meaning that an object is very colorful and random.
"Oh my god, Kaitlin, he would never go out with me. He likes her. I mean, shes just so prettiful, and I'm just so...not!"

"Ooh, I love your shirt, it's very prettiful!
#kinda hott #cute #colorful #good looking #sorta sexy: ugly #beat #bad looking #boring #drab: pretiful #pretifull #pretyful #prettyful #pretyfull #prettyfull
Beküldő: Kira M. 2006. május 12.
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