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a potsticker is when your balls fuse with your thighs via sweat. DAMN those sweaty balls!
theres no greater feeling in the world then peeling off a potsticker from your thigh.
#omg #i #have #a #hardcore #potsticker
Beküldő: K_wtf 2006. október 8.
A dumpling-like, meat-filled dish that may be either fried or steamed listed in most Asian restaurants named for its ability to cling to the side of your plate. Also, a presumed appetizer for relatively obese people at Chinese restaurants.
You gonna have pot stickers again you fat fuck?
#dumplings #asian appetizers #meat pockets #kim's cunt #chinese stickers
Beküldő: Plasty 2006. szeptember 15.
When a girl's skirt sticks to her bum, a widespread panic on 95+ degree summer days (the "pot" being her bottom).
"I don't want to get out of the car!"
"Because I have swass and a serious pot sticker going on."
#booty #skirt #swass #ass #sweet cheeks
Beküldő: Dizz Markie 2007. június 21.
Before, and even after flushing the toilet, a pot sticker is the shit that remains stuck to the inner toilet bowl after taking a messy, power shit.
Upon entering the stall at his local all you can eat buffet, Russ was horrified by the pot stickers in not only one, but all three stalls within the bathroom.
#shit #turd #dump #brush back #poop
Beküldő: Left Over Pot Sticker 2009. április 16.
An adorable little Asian baby, male or female.
We want to adopt a little pot sticker from China.
#pot sticker #baby #asian #dumpling #wonton
Beküldő: Word Kreator 2013. február 19.
gay asian dude who won't stop hitting on you at the bar, he refuses to see that you're not interested.
oh god this guys is such a pot sticker he won't leave me alone
#gay #asian #dating #clueless #flirt
Beküldő: cheflove 2011. január 31.
Little chunks or smears of shit that stay stuck to the toilet bowl even after you flush.
Damn, those burritos you ate last night left some pot stickers this morning!
#pot #stick #toilet #bowl #shit
Beküldő: JoeD2 2008. január 13.
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