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to get (something) started
let's get shit poppin'
Beküldő: mia 2003. augusztus 10.
877 165
as in "what's up?" or "what's going on?"
Hey danielle, what's poppin?
Beküldő: melanie 2004. április 3.
670 170
going on, happening
What's poppin?!
Beküldő: Mangus 2004. január 23.
485 151
an ill party that is in full swing
synonomous with 'bumpin'.
It was poppin last night
Beküldő: JDQ 2003. április 22.
359 173
used to ask what goin on
Hey G whats poppin?

Yo, man whats been poppin wit you?
Beküldő: jazmine, what else 2005. július 28.
226 96
wats up or wats happenin
wats poppin shawty
Beküldő: djfrosty 2008. szeptember 28.
87 43
1. verb A greeting, commonly preceeded by "what's", meaning essentially the same as 'what's up'.
2. verb To be shooting groups of 2 or more people; to 'pop' them.
3. verb Usually proceeded by 'pussy', this can be abbreviated to mean the same thing. "Pussy Poppin'" is the art of a woman bending over during a dance to reveal her vagina, so that her dance partner can effectivley 'pop' it.
1. What's poppin', man?
2. People was poppin' each other down near the club last night. or: "At the club and the streets- or wherever we should meet
Its choppers chopping, pistols popping,
Nigga you don’t know me " (T.I.)
3. Head down pussy, pussy poppin'
Beküldő: buckeye800 2005. június 29.
89 58