The preferred beverage for solo practitioners and other low-life lawyers who can't afford shit else.
I was walking past a law office yesterday morning when a solo practitioner leaned out of his window and shouted obscenities at me; bottle of Popov clenched in hand and cheap tie waving in the wind. Pathetic what's happened to the "profession" of law these days.
#lawyer #vodka #ttt #popov #loser
Beküldő: TTToileteer 2008. szeptember 6.
Top Definition
it is the worst vodka ever
i drank popov last night and i died
Beküldő: bukkake 2004. december 1.
1. The drink of the gods.

2. A delicious vodka that is often consumed in large amounts by highschool and college students due to its great price.

3. A cheap vodka that is sold as cheap as 12.99 for a 1.75

4. Favorite beverage of the MHS class of 2006.
Freind1- I can't wait until this weekend, I'm gunna slay so many hoodrats.
Friend2- Werd me too, but first need to go to Casse Liquors and get some Popov
#vodka #mahopac #drink of the gods #delicious #cheap
Beküldő: Mahopac Maniac 2006. november 16.
popov is vodka that you only drink if you cant afford shit else. it tastes like rubbing alcohol. popov is sick as hell. it tastes less shitty with apple juice
all we had was 8 bucks, so we had to get popov, it was nasty as hell but once we mixed it with apple juice, it wasnt so bad.
Beküldő: popovandapplejuice 2005. március 11.
popovs is the devil's semen
last night we bought popovs and i drank the whole bottle; i ended up killing two pregnant woman and raping my grandmother and i dont remember any of it.
#vodka #devil #vomit #hang over #death
Beküldő: ____________! 2007. április 3.
an attractive person who's confusing in that sometimes they seem adorable and sometimes they look much older than they are
1- what the hell, you said she was a crazy hot older chick, she's freakin 14
2- i swear last night she looked--
1- eh she's still pretty damn cute, hell i'm goin for it
2- be careful, she's a popov, ultimate jailbait
#sexy #cutie #jailbait #attractive #babygirl
Beküldő: o2428349123-097 2009. december 22.
Annoyong person
#annoying #bitch #weird #weirdo #mean #big hair
Beküldő: Bob Millermanman 2009. február 23.
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