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annoying little shits
I opened up the site, and all these pop up ads came up
Beküldő: True to my Roots 2003. július 7.
1. Ads that no single person would even consider considering. Why must they even exist?
2. Synonymous to the words 'annoying', 'blinding', 'frustrating' and 'crash'.
I got pop-up added on of the future.
Beküldő: Bastardized Bottomburp 2003. október 12.
Fucking annoying scripts make by some homo sexual homo
man Im getting alot of pop up adds, theyre fucking annoying.
Beküldő: Forge 2003. szeptember 21.
the pre-cursor to pop-under ads
when I closed the browser I found a thousand pop-under ads
Beküldő: enlightened hippie breeder 2005. május 22.
A window that pops up on the screen suddenly, often without warning, advertising something. Nobody ever actually buys what the pop-up is advertising. They're just annoying pieces of crap. Some people create ones that install malware or other unwanted files onto a user's computer.

In other words, an embodiment of Satan.
I clicked the download button for a file on Megaupload and a pop-up ad came up advertising a free iPad. I knew it had to be a scam, so I tried to close it, but it wouldn't close. So I had to close Firefox in Task Manager, but that closed ALL running Firefox processes, not just the pop-up ad. Freakin' annoying.
Beküldő: anonymous159057430583057832057 2010. december 25.
The reason the internet sucks.
Pop up ads are FUCKING ANNOYING.
Beküldő: Adrian 2007. január 18.

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