A funny word used in some cartoon which I cant remember.
Not so fast, poopypants!
Beküldő: enterthedavid 2005. március 3.
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Being upset with a bitter look on your face in the same manner as a baby with a full diaper.
Sheila looked like Mrs. Poopy Pants when she didn't get a Louis Vuitton purse for Christmas.
Beküldő: hititlong 2006. január 4.
Pants that have become poopy
Nick pooped his pants in the barn.
Beküldő: The Latin Duo 2005. május 7.
A grown man or woman who has soiled themselves, however, are unable to grasp the obvious fact they need their nappie changed.
Omg Alan is being a total poopy pants today. Does he need his nappie changed?
Beküldő: I.A.P.P. 2014. augusztus 13.
Some one who takes poops in their pants without regard for others well being.
I am so glad that I don't no any Mr. poopy pants.
Beküldő: Jose Contraeras 2005. október 3.
curly brown hair, often short, kinda ugly, loves guys that has braces and notches in his hair. They usually dont have many firends but think eveyone loves them.
Jen Martin is a poopy pants
Beküldő: Joben:) 2009. november 24.
synonomous to pussy
stop whining ya poopy paints
Beküldő: Sandaro Boucklembo 2003. március 9.

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