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He died on the way back to his home planet.
It's the Itchy and Scratchy and Poochy show!
Beküldő: Dane Clark 2005. április 14.
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poo-chy, pronounced (pooh-che); noun

a not so fat but not so skinny person; usually they think they aren't fat and call themselves "big boned," or they make up some excuse that it's in their genes; sometimes referred to as "lards"
The poochy girl went to the nearest McDonald's and bought a salad, and a diet Coke along with a Big Mac... and a Double Cheeseburger... and a Double Quarter Pounder, then later spent the night there feasting.

"See as she bought the salad and diet coke, she also bought three other meals, making here semi-fat."
Beküldő: Zeek Yan 2008. szeptember 30.
fat lips with a bunch of lip gloss on them.
in selena gomez's Naturally music vid. at the very end, she has some poochy lips
Beküldő: Steezy Wondor 2010. január 14.
To be burnt out after a big spliff
Man that joint made me totally poochy.
Beküldő: betty_xo 2006. november 15.
gotta love pooch. Just because you can
pooch aka pritch robertard
Beküldő: Michael 2004. október 20.

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