1. Basically, to engage in sexual intercourse, but particularly if one is in the "cowgirl" position.
2. Pay up.
3. Another term for lesbian sex in the cowgirl position.
Guy: Pony up babe.
Girl: *climbs on*
Beküldő: PigInADollHouse 2010. február 12.
An act of pooling everyone's money in the current group together.
Who wants to order a pizza? Everyone who does, pony up!
Beküldő: Jimmy Ray 2004. február 6.
to pay up the money one person is supposed to owe.
I have read the article that actor Nicolas Cage has to pony up a lot of money to the IRS, after a ongoing years on splurging on stuff he just can't afford.
Beküldő: jimmibean1989 2009. december 15.
Just do it, brave up, man up
pony up and ask her out!
Beküldő: <3? 2009. január 4.
The act of having a cigarette. When you want to or just lit up.
Lets pony up.
Beküldő: GrChRo 2011. április 8.
Fuck Off
Greg: Hey Mike I just screwed the boss!!
Mike: Hey Greg...pony up...you pug-faced asshole.
Beküldő: Bianca 2004. február 5.

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