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Somebody who sucks dick
Damn, Abhi is such a pole smoker
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. június 2.
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One who enjoys the act of sucking random penises and does so on a frequent basis.
Maneka is such a pole smoker.
Beküldő: Harry Bagpipe 2004. május 14.
Any of the the genus homosexualhomosapien in which a male performs felacio on another male. Also see weiner whiffer,peter puffer,bone smuggler,butt pirate,cock gobbler,turd burgaler and ass clown.
Sean Penn and all the French are pole smokers.
Beküldő: Oogalie Boogalie 2003. április 15.
One who sucks the baloney pony - aka chows wang, gives head, polishes helmet, etc.
You are a fucking polesmoker!
Beküldő: Polesmokurr 2003. augusztus 12.
someone who inserts penises into their mouths on a regular basis.
Cusson is a pole smoker
Beküldő: Spiffy Spleaf 2004. április 19.
A dumbass whom serves no other purpose but to suck dick.
Usually your boss.
Beküldő: ... 2004. január 17.
That polesmoker Adam Edwards sucks cock to buy heroin.
Beküldő: Dingalingaling 2003. augusztus 13.

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