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to fall from a high level or position
Prices have plummeted.
#fall #got down #plunge #rise #get high
Beküldő: English_dictionary 2013. január 5.
when a person jumps from a height of minimum 2 stories
Levi told Jeff to plummet when he broke the overhead in chem. class.
Beküldő: the Chemistry kid 2004. május 6.
to fall really fast straight down
susie just plummeted off that building and is laying in a bloody mass over there
Beküldő: SN 2003. augusztus 4.
jumping into the creek from a rope and yelling plummet! at the same time
1..2..3..PLUMMET! *splashhhh*
#swimming #swim #splash #creek #river
Beküldő: ReneeIsMe 2006. március 21.
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