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Old school NYC graffiti wrter that dominated the scene in thelate 70's and early 80's
Pjay had the 2's and the 5's on smash back in the day
#pjay #graff #graffiti #graf #nyc #brooklyn
Beküldő: fesitw 2006. szeptember 30.
the art of being
a little wild man and skater...
and kan kick butt if hungry.
a type of lifestyle
i want to be a Pjay and stick to it.
#cool kid #wild man #funny #skater #brazilian
Beküldő: Simtonimous 2007. június 14.
a very creative individual who eats 24/7 and who plays soccer and always knocks people down.
Woah Billy, you see that girl on the field over there, knocking everyone over?

Yeah I see her, she's a Pjay!
#pj #soccer #pb&j #food #24/7
Beküldő: yourstepsistersboyfriend 2011. június 18.
Extreme l337ness
Pjay is so damn l337 he owns all others
Beküldő: Joe 2003. február 19.
pjay is a tard
Beküldő: pjay 2003. február 19.
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