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A puny, weak, frail person; someone who can easily be defeated. This kind of peron should not pick fights with a larger, stronger person.
Little guy: You're an asshole! Let's take this outside!

Big guy: Don't fuck with me or I'll break you in half, you fucking pipsqueak!
Beküldő: Laura 2005. március 18.
127 36
An Unimportant, insignificant person.
"SB9Dragon is a Pipsqueak"
Beküldő: hanek 2004. augusztus 13.
90 46
a small jerk that does everything to be annoying
You little pip squeak why do u have to be so annoying?!
Beküldő: Danville EMT 2007. április 5.
34 14
A small person. A child or animal that is cute.
The pipsqueak is crying again.
Beküldő: Morikahjo 2009. augusztus 13.
48 30