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Es Ecstasy
got any pills
Beküldő: MunkiRuss 2003. március 5.
403 99
1. a single pharmaceutical tablet of any kind
2. birth control
3. ecstacy
4. an annoying or nagging person
5. a slang term for a basketball
1. "I had a headache this morning so I took two pills of aspirin."

2. "Naw, I rawdog it, my girl's on the pill."

3. "I took two pills of molly last night, man I'm ate up."

4. "Don't be a pill. I'll rake the yard when I'm good and ready."

5. "What's up with that rock, kid? Throw me the pill."
Beküldő: Funthrax 2007. április 22.
305 68
happyness in tablet form
two pills you popped and you aint got no spinal fluid left
Beküldő: spongebobs drug addiction 2003. december 22.
276 113
The most important drug EVER made. Prevents women from getting pregnant without stripping the fun from sex.
Now that my girl's on the pill I can enjoy sex again.
Beküldő: Oprah 2003. február 21.
306 161
Multiple ecstacy tablets.
We dumped the pills and were peaking after 45 minutes.
Beküldő: Diego 2003. november 22.
131 71
Pills can refer to anything that is a pharmaceutical or any other encapsulated drug, or a drug that is in pill form, or supplement, including illicit drugs such as ecstasy.
The doctor prescribed me some pills for my ailment.
Beküldő: tylerdurden89 2010. november 1.
38 28
" An Ecstacy tablet more commonly known in clubs across the land as a pill"

"Other names for this are
" Have you got any pills??"
Beküldő: Mike Hughes 2004. október 30.
106 100