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a tricky situation; a conundrum
i love him and he loves her and she's my mom.... it's a pickle.
Beküldő: juliachrista 2004. február 11.
a sweet little cucumber soaked in vinegar, a tasty snack


a penis
Hey man, go get a pickle with me!

If you tickle me pickle I'll give you a nickel
Beküldő: graceypoo 2007. május 12.
1)Another word for a Penis
2)A tricky situation
3)A cucumber stuck in Brine
1) "Well you can suck my Pickle!!"
2) "Dude my girlfriend and my wife were both there... I was in a pickle"
3) "You making those pickles tonight??"
Beküldő: Tanner Bearden 2008. január 16.
The drummer of a band in a show on adult swim.
Pickles is sick and we need a new drummer?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
Beküldő: The Guy With Killer Machine Guns 2007. április 14.
The best food on earth. Eatin in large amounts by pregnant women.
My wife eats a jar of pickles a day
Beküldő: Harleys_Girl 2008. július 3.
A cucumber soaked in evil.
Bob: Hey, you want a pickle?

Beküldő: SprocketTalker 2009. július 14.
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