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word used by the black eyed peas instead of the f word
no no no no don't phunk with my heart
Beküldő: leah 2005. április 11.
play with or mess with
don't phunk with me
don't phunk with my heart
Beküldő: poloio 2005. július 4.
The cowbell style of white funk played by the band phish. This version of the word has been around 20 years longer than the black eyed peas.
Man, that was was some phat phunk that the boys was laying down in that Mike's Groove last set!
Beküldő: fordprefect2005 2005. október 5.
A portmanteau of the words punk and funk that may be used to describe types of punk music that incorporate elements of ska and/or reggae.
I got my boys, we came to make noise, and everybody's gonna be DOWN WITH THE PHUNK SOUND.
Beküldő: rpg 2008. március 4.
Something that is punk that has a lot of style. A punk that strikes to the heart and soul of everyone just by being present.
hide & zilch - space monkey punks from japan
Beküldő: space monkey punk 2005. április 28.
to have lots of vibe lots of flavour to be cool.
Lets get down phunk style
Beküldő: LilJOnwhattt: 2005. július 19.
Another lame attempt by white people and fading rap stars by replacing the letter "f" with the similar sounding "ph".
Fat --------> Phat
Funk -------> Phunk
Fuck -------> Phuck
Beküldő: James. 2005. június 8.
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