1. person originally from Philadelphia
2. Philosopher
1. Sarah's originally a Philly but she moved last year.
2. She's such a philly (<- note:no capitalisation), its deep and all, but someone shut her up!
#2 #emo #thinker #optimist #believer
Beküldő: Anonymous Philly 2006. január 10.
Top Definition
Slang term for Philadelphia.
"Philly has some of the meanest graff on the planet."
Beküldő: Eric Fischman 2003. január 15.
A brand of cheap, convenience store cigar which, when emptied of its tobacco contents, makes a perfect wrap for a long, joint-like marijuana cigar called a "blunt."
"You're sleepin son; hit that philly."
Beküldő: Eric Fischman 2003. január 15.
City that holds it down 24/7

from the northeast to north to south to west southwest downtown and germantown baby
North Philly.... Kensington holds it down
#philly #hood #ghetto #philadelphia #north philly
Beküldő: stylez90 2006. augusztus 20.
2007 NL East division winner, and will be World Series champs in 2008
The Phillies owned the Mets tonight!! Just like they always do!
#phillies #mets #baseball #world series #phillys #fillies #philadelphia
Beküldő: bobbbbo 2008. június 18.
A major city of Pennsylvania, short for philadelphia.
Im bout to got to west philly and pick up my baby.
Beküldő: Philly_mami33 2003. július 16.
World Champions.

World Fucking Champions!
The 0-2 pitch...Swing and a miss; he struck him out! The Phillies are the World Champions of baseball!
#phillies #chase utley #baseball #sports #champs
Beküldő: MD2020 2008. december 8.
Slang term for one of the greatest cities in the United States, the "City of Brotherly Love." Use "Philly" instead of "Philadelphia" to explain your point more quickly.
I'm going to drive down to Philly tonight if you want to come.
#philadelphia #cheesteak #jawn #phillies #blunt
Beküldő: Marissa Jean 2007. március 21.
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