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To hit on or make a pass at someone in a perhaps excessively course way. (Used chiefly in Australia and New Zealand. Almost unknown in the U.S.)
"The guy wouldn't stop perving on me."
Beküldő: Brian MD 2005. szeptember 3.
13 32
Person who is generally pretty ugly who insists on looking at certain parts of peoples bodies.
Liam was perving on Sue
Beküldő: me 2004. október 1.
12 32
in verb form- the act of doing something sexual. ranges from a hug for prudish people to intercourse.
1. yah, I perved her. 2. yah, we perved. 3. I'd let her perv me. 4. I can't believe i perved her.
Beküldő: Sugar Jones 2005. március 19.
11 32
to watch or look at another human being, in order to be obsessed by them.
an example of a perv is laura jane clark
Beküldő: billy knight 2005. július 19.
22 44
anyone who plays with oneself or touchs oneslef(and likes its)
Matt is such a perv!
He wanted to tape me perving!
i saw matt perving him self!
Beküldő: **Anne** 2005. november 29.
11 38
guy fat sluggish nerd who lives with his mom who likes to watch pr0n and hentai all the time...
dude...you seen that guy by the computer cafe? what a perv...
Beküldő: kickace 2005. július 23.
35 65
michael harley is a perv that pervs over his little sister n licks her mum out... hes a prick!!!!
fat cunt perv hu died of aids or i hope he will anyways ... hello beau i see u lookin at dis....
Beküldő: dick eater 2005. június 11.
4 35