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gaseous expulsion emanating from penis
A penis fart is incredibly rare and dangerous.
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Beküldő: Wally Petro 2008. augusztus 20.
When gas is emitted from one's penis.
Guy one:"dude what was that noise?"
Guy two:"penis fart!"
Guy one:"you mean you just shot gas out of your dick?"
Guy two:"thats right!"
Guy three:"thats hot"
#penis #fart #vagina #queef #mexican
Beküldő: theonewhoiscoolio 2009. október 23.
The passing of air out of the urethra of the penis during manual, oral, vaginal, or anal stimulation.
Hell no, what was that sound you did not just have a penis fart in my pussy. Did you?
Beküldő: Timothy 2004. július 9.
A possible after-affect of a bladder exam. During the exam the bladder is inflated with air making it possible for residual air to cause a "fart" when peeing.

Sound wise a "penis fart" can resemble a queef or the sound a hose makes when extra air escapes.
I never knew it was possible to let a penis-fart until I got a bladder exam...
#penis fart #fart #queef #man queef #fart noise
Beküldő: Sue Doe Nyhm 2010. április 22.
1: An expulsion of air released by the penis.
2: A reference to someone that will never make it in the real world, or is too much of a pussy to get shit done. This originates from the fact that "penisfarts" never happen.
Tice: Yo whats up with Morgan? He's been failing all his tests and he never goes out anymore.
Dylan: Yeah I heard he's been a real penisfart recently. He needs to step his game up.
Tice: True, true.
#penis #fart #penisfart #dick #dickfart #pweef #queef
Beküldő: DPollydaWeasel 2011. október 5.
A penis fart is when you sleep with someone and you know it to be an absolutely horrible idea but yet you still hit that anyways.
'Man last night i had the biggest penis fart...... cant believe i did that to your sister'

'Dude, she made the titanic look small, that was such a penis fart'

'Why is it everytime I go to Mooseheads bar I wind up having a penis fart?'
#badshag #regret #penis #fuckup #walk of shame
Beküldő: Piltzener 2009. szeptember 22.
a commonly used noun oversaid by stupid teenagers that have nothing else to say or do. Immediate punchline, or punch in the face
Beküldő: TruthSpeaker 2004. augusztus 9.
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