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a kick ass person who can sometimes be a little conceited... but everyone loves him anyway.... a HUGE fan of football.... but a beast on and he is also a really good listener

a pasi is usuallly the homecoming king
Dave: wow i just won homecoming king
Kyle: your a total pasi
#thespians #homecoming #zins #theater #football #beast #hot #sexy
Beküldő: im not telling you 111 2009. február 6.
A computer Programming Langauge for AI applications
Array = 1,2
If (Array0,0 = 0) Then X = 2
Beküldő: Dave Vyrd 2003. november 20.
Leaving a restaurant without paying
Patrick pulled a Pasi at Planet Hollywood
#restaurant #cheap #pikey #unpaid #tight
Beküldő: Dr Jay Fowdar 2008. január 25.
Pasi is an abbreviation given to the word Pasindu.

The word Pasi originates from the pussy. This adjective can be used as a replacement for pussy.

Pasi means a person who is a "pussy" to talk to females, but talks about them like a "pussy" slayer.

Some people say Pasi Cat, to lower the strength of the word as it can offend people.
"Dude that guy is such a Pasi." " He told me how he that he dumped that chick, what a pasi."
#pussy #cats #pasindu #slayer #chicks
Beküldő: <3Indiaftw 2013. június 6.
Punk Ass Short Italian
Associated with soccer.
John-Carlo is a PASI.
Jabroni is a PASI
PASI represent
Beküldő: Mance 2003. március 26.
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