it means father in the middle eastern countries
my pa hit me bcuz he saw me wit guy
Beküldő: niga 2003. november 12.
People Against the Proliferation of Acronyms
At the PAPA meeting we discussed picketing the CIA, the FBI, and the IRS.
Beküldő: Robert Duiker 2005. március 18.
an object/thing that puts another object/thing to shame.
Man, that Escalade on 24s has that other Escalade's papa!
Beküldő: splooge_11 2005. május 14.
Jonny Thunders is my papa.
You papa, you is the head honcho.
Beküldő: Big Mama 2003. november 25.
documents given when your on probation
fucken po po's be fucken with me and i am on papas
Beküldő: blazet 2004. február 12.
What a granchild calls their parents father. Sometimes they are molesters and they still expect to be called Papa at the end of the night.
Papa is a sick fuck! He took advantage of mom, and now I can't call him Papa anymore. It's a loving term, and I don't love him!
#molest #sick #freak #fag #hate
Beküldő: justtryintoclarify 2008. október 8.
Spanish for potato. It's used for someone thats brown on the outside, but white on the inside (like a potato).
Cono papas me molestan.
#gringo #moreno #annoying #confused #word
Beküldő: The1stLastAndOnly 2006. február 9.
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