American way of saying trousers, a clothing that covers a person's legs.
My girlfriend is coming over, so please put your pants on.
Beküldő: Zdenek 2004. augusztus 9.
Something that is not very good/useful.
"That new book I bought was pretty pants."


"Remember that game I downloaded? It's pants."
Beküldő: Def 2004. augusztus 8.
latest fashion trend
have you heard of pants? they are awesome!
Beküldő: coca 2004. január 14.
An interchangeable word, meaning just about anything depending on the context.
You got tickets? Yes! That's so PANTS!

Did you see that skank he's dating? She's completely pants.
Beküldő: Liz 2003. november 20.
1.something you shit in when you're little
2.spend your teens trying not to wear for sexual purposes
3.spend your middle age using them to hold everything in
4.spend your old age being wet
Beküldő: pesimist 2003. augusztus 22.
The one article of clothing you can live without. like in the supermarket.
Have any of you seen my pants?
Beküldő: the ph1l0s0ph3r 2010. május 16.
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