1. Slang: One who is obnoxious or irritating

2. Slang: Replacement to the word Dick, in all contexts.
Yo , you're a fuckin' pants


That guy is a pants face
Beküldő: Jelloflava 2006. február 16.
A verb used to express the action of pulling down someone's pants, usually by surprise. To "double pants" someone is to pull down both their pants and underwear at the same time.
That guy over there thought it was funny to pants me.
Beküldő: Ainolketta 2005. június 26.
a word homosexuals use to describe the act of anal intercourse.
After watching a man JO in the Gold's Gym showers, Chris turned around and took it in the pants.
Beküldő: Timmy PE 2005. január 6.
An article of clothing commonly worn, though unnessessary.
Huzzah! Who has taken my pants?!
Beküldő: Laura 2004. november 21.
they are for squares
paying bills is for squares...like pants!
Beküldő: al 2004. november 17.
to p.; the act of pulling down another person's pants, us. sweatpants, in a public arena, for the purpose of public humiliation; pants, pantsed, pantsing
Liztiz pantsed Elyse in the common room during the Sox game, and she was mortified.
Beküldő: Liztiz 2004. október 28.
something that's big
Nathan: I have big pants.
Stephen: Hahahahahaha.
Beküldő: TheRoamingSpider1 2004. szeptember 12.
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