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the greatest word in the English langauge.
She gently removed her panties prior to being jumped and ravaged throughout the entire evening.
Beküldő: XXX 2004. október 15.
Next to the greatest thing on Earth. ;)
Josh: "I love panties, but they keep coming between me and what I love most."
Beküldő: SweetBlue 2005. október 5.
the greatest invention since the female itself. preferably cotton.
Female: "Hey sexy, look at my panties"


Teh Edn
Beküldő: Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam 2005. augusztus 29.
A gift from the gods.
Kasumi: Master Happosai, where did you get all those panties?

Master Happosai: They were a gift from the gods my dear Kasumi.
Beküldő: Happosai 2004. december 7.
a word that instantly gets your attention if spoken by a woman.
"I went through customs on my trip back from Cancun, and they went through my luggage, panties and all"
"Tell me more!"
Beküldő: wordsmithy 2008. február 24.
Straightforward and simple: underwear
meh... I just wish I had more comfortable panties
Beküldő: lilshyangel 2006. április 24.
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