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A more "epic" penis
His penis was more then just a penis, it was a pangis!
Beküldő: J-rock1337 2009. január 27.
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background: pikes peak workcamp
definition: a word that can be subsituted in for any other word.
"Your pangis is on fire!"
"Aw pangis!"
"I love the pangis my boyfriend bought me"
Beküldő: Marissa 2004. augusztus 9.
People That Are Weird Or Hang Out With Weird People
Bryan: Yoo Wilson Fam You Know That Ryan He Got Cheeky
Wilson: Lowe Him He Is A Lil Pangi
Beküldő: RG_Donz 2014. február 13.
somehting you are
something you eat
you are a mega pangis
Beküldő: shammalamma2 2011. január 16.
Another slang term for the penis. See penix, dick, wang, cock
"Pangis is comedy gold."
Beküldő: Remnar 2003. november 9.

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